If, upon meeting Eli Dehghani for the first time, you are left with a feeling of trustworthiness and synergetic with your dreams. If you are looking someone who help you to turn your dream to an address she can.

Eli has been a top producing agent in the Toronto for many years and continuing.

Eli is always proud of long-relationships and she can explain market value simply and clearly.

What is the keys? Knowledge, experience and motivation.

With her knowledgeable and honest explanations clients trust her judgment.

Her listings in surrounding neighborhoods typically sell well above the average agent’s sale prices. And for Buyers? Of course, in the same way she packages houses, she prepares Buyers. So they can be successful in the competitive Toronto real estate market… whether it’s winning in a multiple offer situation or negotiating the bottom line price.

With Eli’s terrific knowledge of the competitive her territory housing market you can make a proper decision. By being highly engaged and involved in the offer-stage she is able to work with you to create a competitive offer with the best possible knowledge of your competition.

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